Nursery Manager – Full Day-Care

Post Title: Nursery Manager – Full Day-CareReporting to: Nursery Area Manager
Responsible for:

Room Leaders

Early Years Practitioners

Nursery Cook

Location: Childcare @ Sandal
Grade: D3Post Reference No: CYP4

Information Sheet Nursery Manager


St George’s Lupset Ltd is a local registered charity and community enterprise, providing Training, Health and Wellbeing activities and Childcare for the local community. We currently have a vacancy for a full day care Nursery Manager at our 45-place nursery (birth to five years) Childcare @ Sandal setting.


‘Childcare’ runs four nurseries; two full day care and two sessional. We pride ourselves on running high quality childcare for babies, young children and their families and we work closely with local Children Centres, Early Help Hubs, Schools and the community.


As a Nursery Manager, you will be required to ensure the delivery of high-quality nursery provision for young children and their families in accordance with The Early Years Foundation Stage (2014). Having OFTSED experience you will join a team of Early Years Practitioners working towards achieving our vision for continuous improvements and working towards maintaining or achieving an Outstanding Ofsted judgment.


Who we are looking for;


Someone who is currently working as a Deputy or Nursery Manager, with at least a level 3 qualification and with a minimum of 2 years’ experience in management and leadership.


You will be able to demonstrate a real passion for the children and families. To understand financial aspects of nursery is a must.


You will be someone who has outstanding education knowledge, brings process and structure, loves working with people and is passionate about helping others grow and succeed while retaining a fun and dynamic culture.


Why work for St George’s Lupset Ltd? We offer the following:


  • Good rates of pay with opportunity for annual increase based on performance
  • Pension Scheme – employer contribution up to 5%
  • Generous holiday entitlement 26 days plus bank holidays
  • 3 staff training days per year plus individual training and development opportunities
  • A supportive and caring environment
  • Six-month induction and mentoring support
  • We invest in Families not Profit



If you feel you have the right experience and qualities to join our team of Nursery Managers we would love to hear from you.


We have a four-stage application process made up of expressions of interest, nursery visit, formal application and formal interviews. These four stages help us to assess your skills, abilities and knowledge and help you to get to know our organisation and job requirements. If you are unsuccessful at any stage of your application, you will be informed and given feedback if you require.


  1. Expression of InterestExpressions of interest can be made by contacting Debbie Spencer, Early Years’ Service Manager (Area Manager). She can be contacted from 4th January 2022 on 01924 330260 and will be able to give you a brief overview of the role requirements. In the meantime, please feel free to complete the online application form below.


Once we have received your expression of interest it will be broadly assessed against the Job Description and Person Specification.


  1. Nursery Visit

Following stage 1 you may be contacted to have a look round nursery and meet our team.


  1. Formal application form

You will be expected to complete an application form detailing how you meet the criteria on the Person Specification. Please read these carefully and be sure to demonstrate in your application form how you meet the essential criteria by providing examples of previous experience or knowledge.


  1. Formal Interview

You will be expected to complete a work-related task for up to one hour. Followed by a traditional interview where you will be asked a number of questions by a small panel. You will then have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel.



Closing date 31st January 2022 5pm, however we reserve the right to close a job prior to the initial closing date.



Safeguarding Statement

  • St George’s Lupset Ltd (St George’s) is committed to and takes its duty of safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all children and young people and protecting them from harm, seriously.
  • St George’s recognises that children and young people can be vulnerable and rely on the support of adults and the wider community to help them reach their full potential.
  • St George’s respects all children irrespective of gender, sexuality, race, culture, religion or economic status have the right to enjoy their childhood and pass safely from childhood into adulthood

•          This commitment is shared by trustees, staff, students and volunteers working at or with St George’s.


Purpose of the Job

To manage the delivery of a high quality full day care nursery for up to 45 places per day for children from birth to five years, in accordance with current guidance and legislation.

Devising and implementing plans which work towards providing outstanding provision in line with Ofsted judgements.

To contribute to the wider management team of ‘Childcare’ and support the Nursery Area Manager to ensure coherence of childcare provision, staff management and business planning.


Key Tasks

  1. Areas of Responsibility
  1. To ensure the delivery of high quality full day care provision for babies and young children aged from birth to five years


  1. To ensure that a system of child centred planning suited to the developmental needs of young children and babies is in place which is in line with current guidance and legislation.
  2. To ensure a Key Worker system operates and support staff in keeping accurate, up to date records on children’s development and progress, ensuring that parents are regularly informed of their child’s progress at nursery.
  3. To ensure the delivery of appropriate play opportunities indoors and outdoors, that encourage learning through play and meet the needs of babies and young children in line with planning.
  4. To act as the SENCO and ensure that the nursery is compliant with current guidance and legislation. Liaising as required with outside agencies to seek support and make referrals when necessary.
  5. To ensure partnership with all parents is embedded in the nursery practise, ensuring parents/carers receive regular information in a variety of ways.
  6. To ensure that the nursery meets all the requirements of Health and Safety legislation, and other relevant guidance and legislation are in place.
  7. To implement systems and procedures which ensure that information about children, provided by parents, other team members and professionals are shared with those who need to know and recorded as necessary. Ensuring that all staff use and share information, appropriately within the principals of confidentiality, current guidance, policy and legislation.
  8. To ensure that the nursery is inclusive to all families in the area and that the nursery environment meets the needs of children from different cultural backgrounds.
  9. To support the Nursery Area Manager to ensure that links with the Children Centres, Nurseries, Schools and outside agencies are developed and maintained.


  1. People Management


  1. To ensure that the childcare staff receive regular, up to date information about new initiatives within the early years sector, partner organisations and St George’s Community Centre by arranging regular meetings and team briefings.


  1. To ensure that all staff are kept up to date with all childcare and relevant company policies and procedures and involve them in the annual evaluation and review process.


  1. To be responsible for and ensure that all staff receives appropriate and timely Performance Management meetings, in order to maintain and support a professionally reflective, competent and caring workforce.


  1. To deploy staff to ensure staff/child ratios are maintained as required by relevant legislation whilst ensuring best use of staff skills in a cost effective manner.


  1. To ensure that volunteers/students are supported whilst on placement and are offered appropriate support by EYP’s.


  1. To work with the Nursery Area Manager to identify staffing requirements and contribute to the recruitment process for new workers as appropriate, in line with company policy and procedure. Where appointments are made you will be responsible for leading the induction process.


  1. Operational and Business Management


  1. To provide accurate, up to date information and reports on the progress of the nursery as requested.


  1. To work with the administrative staff to ensure that the day-to-day administration of the nursery is up to date in respect of financial, childcare and operational procedures and relevant monitoring is completed as required.


  1. To work within the guidelines of St George’s Lupset Ltd Financial Procedure.


  1. To contribute to the review of the annual business plan for the nursery.


  1. Safety, Equality & Diversity, Quality and Safeguarding


  1. To be responsible for and lead on the review of the annual SEF, monitoring and evaluating its progress. Ensuring the involvement of staff, parents, partners, other managers.


  1. To act as the designated person responsible for Safeguarding within the nursery in accordance with the organisations policies and procedure, guidance and legislation. Liaising as required with outside agencies to seek support and make referrals when necessary.


  1. To be responsible for the health & safety of self, staff, children others attending the nursery ensuring awareness and compliance of the company’s health & safety policy and procedures.


  1. To comply with the organisations equality and diversity policy
  2. Scope of Responsibility


E1        Responsibility for Supervision, Direction of Employees

Day to day responsibility for directing and co-ordinating the work of room leader EYP’s, apprentices,  students and volunteers.

Regular (minimum 3 per year) supervisions and appraisals.

Very occasional responsibility for overseeing the work of others nurseries


E2        Responsibility for Physical Resources

Daily responsibility for issues related to nursery equipment and building.

Responsible for all data and records relating to the nursery, (electronic and paper)

Regularly monitors and replenishes stock required to run the nursery.


E3        Responsibility for Budgets

Day to day responsibility for allocation of childcare places to meet income generation targets for the nursery.

Weekly responsibility for planning staffing requirements efficiently to maximise staffing budgets.

Regularly planning resources efficiently to maximise expenditure budgets, approval of  invoices up to £500, reference to Nursery Area Manager for expenditure above £500.

Day to day responsibility for receipt of all fees up to £1000 per week in cash and  cheques.

Responsible for petty cash account up to £150


E4        Level of Contacts, Customers and Clients

Daily interaction with parents or carers to meet, greet, make welcome, problem solve and give advice and guidance.

Regularly communicate with potential customers to sell childcare places.

Regularly attends meetings with other professionals both internal and external to discuss the progress/safety of the child and parents, and ensure quality standards are maintained.

Working within the nursery and community centre teams to give and receive information.

Regularly produces written reports and assessments to outside agencies for referral or progress purposes.


E5        Levels of Independence and Initiative

Works independently to manage the nursery within organisational policies and procedures.

Occasional need for direction or agreement from Nursery Area Manager.


E5        Working Conditions and demands

Normal office environment.

Occasionally expected to work indoors and outdoors in all weathers.

Occasionally required to care for children’s intimate needs.

After hours attendance for training/staff and management meetings on a monthly basis and occasionally for emergencies relating to children.

Occasional requirement to lift, bend, stretch and carry children.

Regularly required to provide verbal or written information about the welfare of children, which can upset/distress or cause parents to become angry.

Very occasionally required to work within a customer’s home.




Personal Qualities



Person Specification: Nursery Manager (Full daycare)




How Identified


Education and Training


1.     Minimum of level 3 in Early Years and Childcare (E)

2.     EYPS or EY Teacher Status(D)

3.     Recent training in relevant aspects of the work (E)

4.     A current first aid qualification (E)

5.     Computer skills (E)

6.     Senco Training or willing to train (E)

7.     Health & Safety certificate (D)

8.     Management Training (D)

9.     English and Maths to level 3 or willingness to gain (E)

1.     Application form/Certificate

2.     Application form/Certificate

3.     Application form

4.     Sight of Training Record

5.     Sight of Training Record

6.     Sight of Training Record

7.     Sight of Training Record

8.     Sight of Training Record

9.     Application form/ Certificate

Knowledge10.  An understanding of high quality Early Years Childcare (E)

11.  Understanding of child development and its interface with EYFS (2012) (E)

12.  Understanding of Equality of Opportunity (E)

13.  Knowledge of Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Child Protection (E)

14.  Understanding of Special Needs Code of Practise (E)

15.  A understanding of business planning and Social Enterprise (D)

16.  An understanding of reflective practise and how it can support quality improvement

10.  Application form /Interview

11.  Application form/Interview/reference


12.  Interview

13.  Application form/Interview/reference


14.  Application form/Interview/reference

15.  Application Form

16.  Application form/Interview/reference


Relevant Experience


17.  Three years post qualifying experience (recent) of which two should be in a senior role within a full day care setting (E)

18.  Experience of planning a curriculum for the Early Years (0-5)(E)

19.  Experience of working with children with Special Needs (E)

20.  Experience of working in two childcare settings (D)

21.  Five years’ experience of working paid or unpaid in an early years setting (D)

22.  Experience of working in a community environment (D)

23.  Experience of working with other childcare and family agencies (D)

17.  Application form/interview/reference


18.  Application form/interview

19.  Application form/interview

20.  Application form/interview

21.  Application form

22.  Application form/interview

23.  Application form/interview

Management24.  Ability to prioritise own work (E)

25.  Ability to organise and monitor work schedules of Early Years Practitioner (E)

26.  Ability to communication with staff at all levels (E)

27.  Previous management of a room to the requirements of OFSTED (E)

24.  Application form/ interview/reference

25.  Application form/ interview/reference


26.  Application form/interview

27.  Application form/interview


Approach to Work


28.  Flexible (E)

29.  Show initiative (E)

30.  Willingness to work in different centres and move easily between settings (E)

31.  Willingness to develop the skills of individuals through training and support (E)

32.  Team worker (E)

28.  Reference

29.  Application form/interview/reference

30.  Interview


31.  Interview


32.  Interview




33.  Able to engage with parents and carers (E)

34.  Good sense of humour (E)

35.  Committed to Equal Opportunities and Social inclusion (E)

36.  Supportive to the needs of the colleagues (E)

37.  To acknowledge and respect the ethos of St Georges Lupset Ltd) and have an interest in the community and local development (E)

33.  Interview/reference

34.  Interview

35.  Application form/interview

36.  Interview/Reference

37.  Application form/interview

Contract: Permanent

Pay: Salary to be Discussed

Hours: Full Time